I am restoring a Royal Nord, the same one as owned by Joaquim Leal.
Could you please ask him to send me some close-up photo\'s of the kickstarter. I don\'t have the kickstarter, and here in Holland are only a few Royal Nords with pedals (not with a kickstarter). Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Hello Hans
    Tanks for your mail
    We are try to get a photo from Kick starter Royal Nord but is difficult because he need open motor engine.
    There is not possible to put Kick starter at motor engine with pedals, because is a different model.
    So when we have a photo we send to you.
    With my best greetings
    JJ Rodrigues

  2. Hello Hans
    Sorry but I was Wrong.
    Now I see the Royal Nord motor engine and yes it is possible and ease to put a Kick-starter.
    Yesterday I talk with Joaquin Leal and take some photos.
    You can see photos in http://picasaweb.google.com/jlrodrigues.22/ROYALNORD
    With my best greetings
    JJ Rodrigues


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